After three unsuccessful business attempts in late 1960’s, Urban Miyares was frustrated with the lack of support available for a disabled Vietnam veteran seeking to launch a business. It was after visiting with a Veterans Administration ((VA) vocational rehabilitation counselor, telling Miyares to get his head out of the sand with thoughts about being a business owner, when Urban vowed, “One day I am going to prove someone deemed severely disabled can make it in the able-bodied world of business  and then help others.”

In 1985, after a number of business start-ups and success, Urban Miyares began helping other disabled veterans in business – a quadriplegic, a paraplegic, and a blinded vet in that first year.

Word of what Urban Miyares was doing spread and soon the number of requests for information and assistance dramatically increased with, in October 1991, the Disabled Businesspersons Association (DBA) became an educational 501(c ) 3 public charity.

I.R.S. Tax-Exempt Number:  33-0484461


Administrative office located at San Diego State University (SDSU – Interwork Institute) since 1996, the all-volunteer  DBA is staffed by existing and retired business owners with disabilities sharing their expertise through educational workshops and seminars, Internet, and in group mentor activities with clients’ vocational rehabilitation, career development, or business advisor/counselor.

The specialty of the DBA is with those having severe and catastrophic physical and/or psychological medical challenges.

Board of Directors:

The DBA currently has seven (7) board of directors, from a wide variety of backgrounds and professional careers.

Sample Recognition & Honors

  • Presidential Point of Light Award (President George H. W. Bush)
  • SBA National Veteran Small Business advocate
  • President Bill Clinton’s Appointee to The White House Conference on Small Business
  • S. Black Caucus “Veteran BrainTrust Award.”
  • Magazine, Ernst & Young, Merrill Lynch “Entrepreneur Of The Year” Award.
  • Acton Institute’s “Samaritan Award.”
  • Listed in “The Guide to Effective Compassion” as one of the Nation’s 100 Top charities.
  • “California Veteran Small Business” Award by California Governor Pete Wilson.
  • …Listing of other honors and recognitions available upon request.

Vision, Goals & Mission


To be the international clearinghouse, information, and educational center for the enterprising disabled.


  • Identify the next generation of leaders to guide the DBA.
  • Attract the financial resources to reach our Vision.
  • To establish DBA Information educational Centers worldwide.
  • Achieve a non-formal membership of 10,000 individuals and organizations/agencies by 2030.


The DBA is dedicated to advancing vocational rehabilitation and enhancing the competitive performance of the enterprising disabled in the workplace.